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A week of music and mud on the farm

Posted By: Admin, 16th May
A week of music and mud on the farm

A week on a farm in Somerset, plenty of mud and no wifi. Surely this is the last place any 9-16 year old would want to be? But, combine young string players with expert tuition and a lot of fun - it’s a place they’ll make friends and want to come back to, year after year.

Magdalen Farm, as well as being a venue for visiting schools and families, is also home to the fabulous Magdalen Farm Strings, a well-established annual course for promising and enthusiastic young string players, grades 2-8.

We’ve just spent a week together of music making and fun during the Easter holidays. 

Click here to watch our video to see what we got up to!

It’s a wonderful string camp where they get extra musical inspiration, learn to play their musical instruments as a group and also grow in confidence and motivate each other. The location on the farm allows them to get out and connect with nature, play games and, as you do in the countryside, get dirty! There’s also evening activities and it all leads up to a concert on the last day - for families and friends to enjoy.

As one parent described it, “It’s what music is all about - coming together with like-minded students to be creative and enjoy music.” Another said “The kids absolutely love it and the overall ambience and bonding that takes place is lovely to observe.”

We are extremely fortunate in that the internationally-renowned composer Colin Matthews composes a new piece for Magdalen Farm Strings each year and, across the week, visiting tutors and musicians offer an exciting variety of experiences, including folk, baroque, eurhythmics and jazz.

It’s run as a small group where children are well looked after and, because the same tutors run the course every year, there’s continuity and they see the progress they’ve made. Playing together as a group is a big part of the week and offers children something they are often not able to do at school. Being on the farm, it's also a very safe environment for a week long course. 

If you know a child who would benefit from a week with Magdalen Farm Strings, we’ll be doing it all again at Easter next year. Why not keep in touch with our website for more details. www.magdalenfarmstrings.org

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