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Plastics and palm oil

Posted By: , 6th September
Plastics and palm oil

We have some good news to report, on two of the world’s  thorniest environmental problems.

For many years we have made use of environmentally friendly technologies renewable heat and renewably generated electricity, but as we all know, this is not enough.

So over the past year, we have made other changes too. Some investment in renewable materials, and a great deal of time, has yielded some good results


The 2 big success stories for this year are:


Fewer single-use plastics.

We have found ways to buy and store products with much less packaging, saving well over 1,000 square metres of plastic per year, every year into the future.

Crisps, with their ubiquitous plastic bags, are out, and our use of cling film is also way down, replaced by reusable products.   

The damage being done by plastics which escape into the environment is now well publicised. They tends to get washed down into the sea, where they might float around for 100 years. Mistaking plastic bags for food is one of the reasons for the sharp decline in seabirds, some species of fish, dolphins and turtles.


No more palm oil (nearly).


Palm oil is a fabulous stuff - it is extremely versatile and makes its way into foods and a range of household products. The trouble is, so high is the global demand for this oil, tropical rainforests, (some of the most biodiverse places on Earth, considered vital to combat climate change), are being burned to make way for palm oil plantations. The orangutan is threatened with extinction from the loss of its habitat, largely as a result of the global thirst for palm oil.

Reducing palm oil consumption to zero is a very tricky task. The stuff is put in almost everything! However, this year we have eliminated palm oil from everything we buy, except for a single vegan product. When we have found a suitable alternative, we will certainly switch.

This means packets of digestives are out, and in their place are delicious home-made cookies, which is an outcome we can all enjoy.

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