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Top 10 reasons to visit Magdalen

Posted By: Magdalen, 10th November
Top 10 reasons to visit Magdalen

The Top 10 reasons people visit Magdalen Farm

We wanted to find out what our visitors thought about their visit to Magdalen so, we thought we’d ask them. Could it be our natural surroundings, the fact that we are a real, working organic farm or maybe it was the famous Magdalen flapjack that’s the big draw?!

As we looked through the responses to our survey, several themes emerged and we’ve listed them here in alphabetical order - with as many real visitor quotes as we can fit in.

If you are thinking of visiting us, we think you’ll find 10 great reasons.



We are known for our enthusiasm for creating learning experiences in the great outdoors - so we were pleased to see so many comments about the activities we offer.

“Activities and programmes are tailored specifically to meet group needs”

“Linking food, farming & life together in exciting, engaging activities”

“Activities that connect with where our food comes from through touch, taste, and hands on discussion”

“Encourages learning through fun activities - and the learning is subliminal”



Magdalen is a real working organic farm. We have goats, pigs and sheep, chickens to pet and of course, Jenny the horse.

“We came to see the animals and enjoy the outdoors”

“It was great to smell, hear, and see your beautiful herd of pigs”

“I’ve never been close to so many animals but I managed to walk Jenny the horse, feed the lambs and pigs, play with the chickens etc... I loved the stay here and I’m definitely coming back” 


Being yourself

Everyone needs a place where they can be themselves. We think a stay at Magdalen allows people to benefit from the tranquility of nature’s surroundings.

“It was good to have fun and forget life’s stresses and worries - just for a little bit”

“They are accepting and non judgemental”

“It was good to be allowed to be yourself”



Our 132 acres of tranquil organic countryside are found alongside the banks of the River Axe where Dorset, Somerset and Devon meet. We love our environment and it looks like our visitors do too.

“We gained spiritual refreshment through time spent in the outdoor environment”

“Magdalen provides an opportunity to engage in nature and the outdoors”

“It’s a friendly, safe and accepting environment”

“A nice place to learn about nature and animals”



We offer group accommodation for schools and small groups, fully accessible changing facilities, relaxing surroundings and not to mention our home cooked organic food. What did our visitors think?

“Beautiful buildings and environment”

“Better residential facilities than others I have been to”

“The bedrooms are nicer and more spacious than some of their competitors”



Did we mention the flapjack?! Well, there’s a lot more good ness in the Magdalen kitchen - coming from our home cooked, organic food, much of it grown on the farm.

“Magdalen do great food, it’s healthy and organic and encourages healthy eating habits”

“It’s yummy food - we had fresh egg mayo sandwiches, warm banana cake and pizzas!”

“Fresh organic food straight from the ground, harvested by your own fair hands”



Whether it’s a day trip or a residential stay, our itineraries are customised to meet our visitors needs. You can download some sample itineraries on our downloads page.

“It was a personal, tailored itinerary to meet our needs”

“The day was packed full - teachers don’t have to be in charge for prolonged periods”

We enjoyed the flexibility and freedom for a personalised trip”


Our people

First and foremost, Magdalen is a team - with teaching staff, Care Farming specialists, kitchen and grounds team and not forgetting our valuable volunteers.  

“They organised a professional and efficient time - before and during our visit”

“They were flexible in their approach and adapted to suite our group’s need”

“A friendly and great team”


Personal development

Our farm setting and surrounding landscape form an ideal location for students and learners to develop as well as have fun - with the support of highly experienced teaching  and care staff.

“He returned full of hope, this was the first time that I had seen him be proud of his achievements"

“His self esteem was raised, and he could visualise himself doing something different in this life”

“I feel like we are always progressing”



We believe sustainability should be fun - and Magdalen provides the perfect environment to learn about sustainable living. What’s more we practice what we preach.

“It’s a good example of a wildlife friendly centre - with organic and sustainability messages”

“They demonstrate sustainable practices in action”

“They help understand the human impact on our environment and show how individual choices make a difference”

“Real life opportunities to experience sustainable farming in practice”


Want to find out more?

For more information about visiting Magdalen Farm and discovering our environment for yourself, please contact us.


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