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Why choose Magdalen for your corporate volunteering?

Posted By: Magdalen, 16th January
Why choose Magdalen for your corporate volunteering?

Magdalen Farm is a 132 acre organic educational and therapeutic centre that welcomes visitors of all ages and abilities. Based between Chard, Axminster and Crewkerne, we engage with and educate visitors using nature and the farming environment. It’s fun, inspirational and innovative - and also a great place for corporate volunteering.

There is a strong business case for corporate volunteering. Many research findings point to the fact that employees who are actively engaged in community programmes are more satisfied in their work. This article looks at some of the main benefits (for employer and employee) and then covers how we run our programmes at Magdalen.


What is volunteering?

Volunteering isn’t just the giving of time for free. We agree with the findings of the Greater London Authority which identified several key characteristics - they say volunteering should be ‘mutually beneficial (to the individual and the organisation), is enabling and flexible wherever possible and has a community or social benefit.’

Our volunteers are priceless in terms of their contribution to Magdalen - but we know we also have a responsibility to deliver an outcome they value too.


The benefits of volunteering

To enable corporate social responsibility: More and more people are choosing to work for organisations that demonstrate their social responsibility. But employers need to show that they do what they say - and volunteering is a powerful way to do this. In fact, a lack of corporate social responsibility could go as far as jeopardise recruitment and retention. Consultancy firm PwC found in a 2014 study that more than 50% of recent graduates were seeking a company that has corporate social responsibility values that align with their own.

Boosts employee engagement and well-being: Employees actively engaged in volunteering programmes are more satisfied in their work. YouGov found that 85% of employees said that their perception of their company had improved and 71% felt that volunteering programmes were key to improving personal well-being. Furthermore, CIPD research in 2015 asked HR professionals what the top three skills entry-level candidates with volunteering experience demonstrate. They said teamwork (82%), communication (80%) and an understanding of the local community (45%).


Corporate volunteering at Magdalen

We believe that our volunteering days will help teams build stronger working relationships. They’ll be able to work together in the great outdoors and take that sense of teamwork back to the office. What’s more, they’ll be doing work that benefits the environment and can enjoy superb home cooked food while they are here.

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Corporate volunteering days at Magdalen Farm can involve:

  • Helping in the prolific vegetable and fruit gardens,
  • Nature conservation in wildflower-rich meadows
  • Animal care (organic farm animals living outside).


What our clients say…

Global publishing company Elsevier, from Exeter, volunteer at Magdalen Farm three times a year. Here’s their feedback:

“Every time we go to Magdalen Farm it’s a great, fun, active, day out where we learn lots about farming and the fantastic work the farm does for schools and other groups. It’s a very rich and rewarding experience and there is always a fantastic organic lunch cooked from produce from the farm. We are looking forward to our next visit already!”


If you are interested in a free corporate volunteering day and would like to find out more call Rebecca or Linzi on 01460 30144.  Alternatively, email rebecca@magdalenfarm.org.uk.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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