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Preparing for a school trip at Magdalen - what parents need to know

Posted By: Magdalen, 22nd January
Preparing for a school trip at Magdalen - what parents need to know

Your child will have a wonderful time during their stay at Magdalen. They’ll come home bursting with excitement, great memories, new ideas, an inch of mud on their wellies, and a big smile on their face! And the secret behind all this? Good preparation - something that parents play a big part in.

Given the outdoor nature of much of our activities, parents often have a long list of questions. That’s only natural and it’s better to ask a question in advance than find something has been forgotten on the day. That’s why we’ve written this article - and a longer guide that you can download from our website.


Before the visit

We ask all school group leaders to let us know the essential information about each child. Parents can help by making sure the school is aware of any allergies, special dietary requirements, medical information and additional needs. This will help us to ensure that everyone who visits Magdalen has a safe and enjoyable experience.


Packing - what should your child bring?

At Magdalen your child will spend almost all their time outside, the days are very long (but lots of fun!).  To ensure your child is comfortable and to maximise their enjoyment, please supply them with all the items stated on the kit list on the Parents FAQ download (link).  It will not be fair if an activity has to be cut short because a child was not supplied with the correct clothing or footwear.

Please pack your child’s suitcase or bag with your child present so they know what is in their bag and which compartments things are in.  We often have children who come to the farm not knowing what clothing or equipment is in their case, this makes it much harder for them when getting organised for activities. 

We would prefer you don’t send your child with anything of value, such as mobile phones, please note there is no mobile phone reception at the centre.


Do they need to bring any bedding?

This will depend on the type of visit and the length of the stay.

Your school will advise you as to whether you need to bring linen with you but as a guide if your child is only staying in one of the main accommodation blocks for 1 night only you should bring a pillow case and either a sleeping bag or single duvet cover and sheet.  If they are staying for 2 nights or more linen will be supplied by Magdalen. Campers will need to supply their own sleeping mats, sleeping bags and pillows. Tents are provided.


Do they need to bring any money?

There is very little opportunity to spend money here. We sell Magdalen magnets, key-rings, pencils etc., so usually £3 to £5 is ample.


What type of meals will be offered?

The food served at Magdalen is tasty and nutritious and there is ample quantity.  We use as much food from the farm as possible, otherwise we try to buy organic and local produce.  Everyone will be given three hearty meals a day, at least two healthy snacks, and have access to the fruit bowl.

Our cooks can cater for any special dietary requirements providing we receive this information from the group leaders at least two weeks prior to any stay.


What activities will my child be taking part in?

All activities are risk assessed and any relevant documentation will have been sent to your group leaders prior to the visit.  Activities are based on the requirements of the group as a whole therefore please advise your group leaders if your child requires special assistance.

Activities are based outside around our working farm which includes contact with our farm animals.  Your child will be encouraged to try new experiences but will not be forced into anything that they are uncomfortable about.  Please ensure that your group leaders are advised of any allergies. Magdalen staff are first aid trained and we expect all groups to bring their own first aider. 


Any other questions?

The Parents FAQ download also covers things like taking medication, illness before or during a visit and emergency contact details. We hope you’ll find it of help.

Your child will have a great time at Magdalen - we look forward to welcoming them!


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